We offer both open and enclosed shipping across the U.S and Canada. Since we have our own trucks we know how a vehicle should be loaded and taken care of. However, from time-to-time we utilize partnering companies to help move our vehicles. Either way, we strive to handle every car as it is our own. Safe, secure and reliable.

Open Transport

An open carrier is the option most customers choose. It is cheaper than an enclosed transport and can be move faster because of the number of open slots available verses enclosed. Customers are concerned that by being on an open carrier that their vehicle is more susceptible to damage than if in an enclosed carrier. While this is true to a certain extent, open transport does far less damage to a vehicle than if driven on the open road. We also want to note that large trucks, trucks with lift kits and big tires can only be loaded in certain positions on the trailer and will cost more to transport.

Enclosed Transport

Enclosed transport is more expensive and is highly recommended if you have a valuable or newer vehicle, classic or muscle car. Pricing is based on the vehicle size, weight and distance. Since most of the enclosed trailers hold six normal sized cars, an SUV, pickup or tall older car may take more than the standard 16 foot deck length, 50 inch height and 4000 pounds. Additional cost will apply because a large vehicle takes up two positions in the trailer.